Who We Are

The UDV is a Christian Spiritist religion that originated in Brazil and is now practiced by over 17,000 people.Chacrona Leaves

The core beliefs of our religion center around living a good, moral life in accord with the teachings of José Gabriel da Costa, or Mestre Gabriel, the founder of the União do Vegetal. The doctrine of Mestre Gabriel teaches love for our fellow man and the faithful practice of goodness, in harmony with the teachings of Jesus, to whom Mestre Gabriel demonstrated a firm loyalty through his life’s practice.

The UDV has been recognized for its community service and beneficial work for the betterment of society and on July 22, 2011, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the church’s founding, the UDV was honored in the Brazilian National Congress and in more than 30 state legislative assemblies and city councils throughout Brazil.

For more information please visit www.udv.org.br