Our History

Our History.


The União do Vegetal was created by José Gabriel da Costa, or Mestre Gabriel, as he is called by his disciples.

Mestre Gabriel was born on February 10, 1922, the eighth child in a family of 14 children. In the 1940s, he worked as a rubber tapper in the Amazon. He drank Hoasca for the first time on April 1, 1959, in the Amazon forest and began distributing the tea to associates and disciples shortly thereafter.

In 1961, while still in the forest, Mestre Gabriel announced the creation of the União do Vegetal. Since then the União do Vegetal has worked for the improvement of the human being, developing moral, intellectual and spiritual virtues, and is considered by its members to be a place of peace, goodness, and harmony on earth.

Mestre Gabriel founded the União with the intention of making it an example of seriousness and transparency, focused on respect for the laws of the country, as well as for spiritual laws, in order to fulfill his goal: to bring peace among men.