Hoasca Tea

Hoasca Tea.

hoasca tea being poured

Central and essential to the UDV religion is the sincere, sacramental use of Hoasca, a tea made from two plants indigenous to the Brazilian Amazon – the vine Banisteriopsis caapi and a bush botanically related to the coffee plant, Psychotria viridis.

Religious practitioners ritually prepare the tea and consider it sacred, much as Catholics believe the wine and host they take at communion to be holy.

Indians and forest peoples have used Hoasca continuously for centuries to increase spiritual perception. Many anthropologists believe the use of this religious sacrament goes back to the beginnings of the great Inca civilization of Peru.

The use of Hoasca has drawn the attention of researchers from numerous areas of study: anthropology, sociology, history, biology, pharmacology, neurology, and psychology and there are numerous scientific and academic studies on the topic.

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