Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom.

The right of the União do Vegetal to practice our faith as a legitimate exercise of religion was unanimously confirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States on February 21st, 2006.

The decision was a landmark victory for all those who treasure religious freedom, and since that day the case has been cited in over 1,200 Judicial Actions and Law Review articles that relate to religious liberty.

Despite the confirmation of the UDV’s fundamental legitimacy, there continue to be issues around the free and open practice of our religion, mostly due to misconceptions about our faith and the use of our sacrament, Hoasca.

In defending its rights, the União do Vegetal has adopted the principles of respecting the Law, transparency in its activities and permanent availability to cooperate with the authorities, in seeking the best way to represent the common interest.

This portion of the website will provide background for those interested on the freedom of religion issues that the União has faced in the United States.